Why This Name for an Estate Planning, Probate and General Asset Protection Web Site

Doughadeer.com is indeed a strange choice for a domain name for a Web Site that deals with legal  issues related to asset protection, planning an estate and probate administration, but it was a cute name and it was available.

The truth is I didn’t exactly know what topics I would fill these pages with when I purchased the domain. I just knew I liked the sound of it.

When I gave it some thought and played with the name for a while, I realized that it would be a perfect domain in which to publish articles explaining the nature of proper estate planning and protection, after all “dough is a common enough slang for money.  As for the “deer” part, it’ no doubt would have better to have purchased a domain with “dear” instead of “deer ” in the title, but it just wasn’t available and to paraphrase a former sociopathic Secretary of Defense, we have to go to Web with the name we have not with the one we wanted.

And so dough-a-deer is a Web Site about protecting your assets, establishing a smart and secure estate plan and handling probate should the need arise (which it won’t if you handle the estate planning properly).

My  inspiration and my source of information is the staff at the Fort Lauderdale based law firm of Wild Felice And Partners. This area of law is their specialty. They can be reached at (954) 944-2855.

Forgive the plug, but they’ve earned it.